2013 Syllabus - Fetal & Neonatal Imaging


How to Image the Fetus – The Basics

Introduction - What Makes a Fetal Program Dorothy I. Bulas, MD 
Basic Fetal Ultrasound Exam Francoise Rypens, MD 
Evaluation of the Placenta and Cervix Judy A. Estroff, MD 
Basic Cardiac Exam – Cardiology Mary T. Donofrio, MD
Basic Doppler - Assessment of Fetal Distress William J. Polzin, MD
Basic MRI Techniques & Protocols Carol E. Barnewolt, MD
MRI Evaluation of the Normal Fetal Brain Beth M. Kline-Fath, MD
MRI Evaluation of Lung and Abdomen – Volume Analysis Erika Rubesova, MD

Advances in Fetal Evaluation and Consultation

Advanced Fetal MRI Techniques P. Ellen Grant, MD
Advanced 3D/4D Imaging Heron Werner, MD
Prenatal Testing - Nuchal Translucency and Beyond - What Does it Mean? William J. Polzin, MD
Ethics of Fetal Counseling Laurence B. McCullough, PhD