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Dr Antariksh Vijan Fellow / Resident Vigabatrin therapy related MRI changes
Ramandeep Singh Fellow / Resident Vigabatrin toxicity
Rida Salman Fellow / Resident Vigabatrin toxicity
Jay Sangani Fellow / Resident Vigabatrin-associated Reversible MRI Abnormalities
Brian O'Meara Fellow / Resident Vigabatrin induced encephalopathy
Hiroaki Takahashi Fellow / Resident Reversible abnormal MRI findings during treatment of infantile spasms with vigabatrin
Siddhi chawla Fellow / Resident Vigabatrin toxicity
Rabab Yasin Fellow / Resident Vigabatrin induced MRI in infantile spasms
Joseph Pulito Fellow / Resident Vigabatrin MRI changes
Luis Octavio Tierradentro-Garcia Fellow / Resident Vigabatrin-related neurotoxicity
Ione Fellow / Resident vigabitran toxicity
Carlota García de Andoin Sojo Fellow / Resident Vigabatrin with ACTH therapy induced neurotoxicity
Mikel Elgezabal Fellow / Resident Vigabatrin toxicity
DIANA LOPEZ Fellow / Resident Vigabatrin related basal ganglia changes
Vishesh Jain Fellow / Resident Vigabatrin-induced changes
Sota Masuoka Fellow / Resident Vigabatrin-associated brain abnormalities on MRI
Subramanian Subramanian Attending Vigabatrin toxicity
Srini Ganapathy Attending Vigabatrin Toxicity
Simon C Kao Attending Vigabatrin associated reversible MRI signal changes in infantile spasm
Amar Udare Attending Vigabatrin induced toxicity
Stephen Miller Attending Vigabatrin-induced encephalopathy
Gayathri Sreedher Attending Vigabatrin toxicity
Joan Zawin Attending Reversible abnormal MRI findings during treatment of infantile spasms with vigabatrin
Unni Udayasankar MD Attending Vigabatrin toxicity
Sven Dekeyzer Attending Vigatrabin toxicity
Daniel Gorsage Attending Vigabatrin Induced Encephalopathy
Deniz Altinok Attending Vigabatrin toxicity
Mantosh Rattan Attending Vigabatrin encephalopathy
Aby Thomas Attending Antiepileptic (Vigabatrin) induced globus pallidi and thalamic diffusion restriction
Gaurav Saigal Attending Vigabatrin associated neurotoxicity
Dr Umesh Pandwar Attending Vigabatrin induced Symmetrical Signal changes in globes pallidi
Savvas Andronikou Attending VIGABATRIN toxicity - speckled egg thalami and signal around he anterior composure are typical.
Teresa Chapman Attending Vigabatrin toxicity
Nancy Richert Attending Vigabatrin treatment for infantile spasms
Erhan BIYIKLI Attending Vigabatrin toxicity
Toshihiro Furuta Attending Vigabatrin-associated brain abnormalities
Maria Berastegui Attending Vigabatrin toxicity or vigabatrin_ACTH toxicity
Elizondo G. Ovidio Attending Brain MRI abnormalities associated with Vigabatrin therapy.