To be published in Pediatric Radiology (Springer), the journal managed by our founding members.

Coordinated and edited by Prof. Savvas Andronikou, this mini-symposium will feature 25+ papers submitted from authors around the world. Titles include 

-    Another international radiology society? To what end?
-    Education: who to educate, how to do this and what to teach
-    Volunteer Outreach through tele-reading
-    Regional activity
-    Ultrasound innovation for the developing world
-    Digital media for WFPI
-    Respiratory infection and Tuberculosis as a focus of the WFPI
-    Quality as an issue in pediatric radiology
-    Involving registrars and getting new volunteers
-    Partnering with centers of excellence rooted in developing countries
-    Diagnostic radiology books for developing countries.

The papers aim to raise awareness of the WFPI and set out our achievements, challenges and future goals



The WFPI extends grateful thanks to the journal's North American editorial office for its assistance and support for this project.